Madaba in Jordan, is also called the “City of Mosaics.” Located close to Mount Nebo (the burial place of Moses), it is best known for its spectacular Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics.

Madaba is also home to the famous 6th century Mosaic Map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Hundreds of mosaics from the 5th through the 7th centuries are scattered throughout Madaba’s churches and homes.

In 2017, leaders and church members who visited Jordan, came together to purchase these beautiful Jordanian table and tableware for the purposes of TPMC’s redevelopment project.

  1. Auction period: 24 February 2019 to 31 March 2019.
  2. Pick up a bid form from the Information Counter on Sundays.
  3. On the form, indicate the item you would like to bid for and write down your bid amount and personal contact details.
  4. Place your bid form into the box at the Information Counter.
  5. After the deadline (31 March 2019), we will publish the names of the highest bidder for each item on the website.
  6. The fundraising committee will get in touch with the highest bidder on the payment and collection of items.

Starting bid: $8,000     Item Code: TB

Origin:   Jordan, Madaba
Material:   Metal frame leg, table top with mosaic design, set using traditional mosaic method
Dimensions:   100cm (table top diameter);
73cm (height)
Design:   Depicts the mosaic design in the old diaconicon baptistery of the basilica, depicting pastoral and hunting scenes.


Starting bid: $1,500     Item Code: VS

Origin:   Jordan, Madaba
Material:   Mosaic setting, gloss lacquer
Dimensions:   21.5cm (height);
12.2cm (top diameter);
12.8cm (base diameter)


Starting bid: $600 per tray

Origin:   Jordan, Madaba
Material:   Mosaic setting, gloss lacquer
Dimensions:   16.4cm (length);
9.5cm (width);
3.4cm (height)
Description:   6 different designs