About Us


Encounter to Love


We continuously pursue the presence of God; we draw from Him for everything we do.

Everything begins with God, specifically an encounter with God. Without Him and His strength, we may seek and strive to change or to accomplish much for God, but all will be for nought.

James 4:8


This pursuit births a hunger to know and fulfil His desires.

Encountering God must lead to something; we are not pursuing an encounter for the sake of it. Every story of an encounter with God has led to radical transformation.


Our pursuit translates into love, extended to any and every person, in what we say and do.

We love because…

* God is love. Our encounters transform us into and to love.

* Loving God and loving our neighbours is the will of God.

* Loving one another is the mark of a disciple of Jesus Christ.

1 John 4:8,16; Matthew 22:37-40; John 13:34-35