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01 Jul 2020

Making Sense of Why We Worship Together - Cancelled

We are faced with many personal life circumstances or world issues that seem to baffle us or make us question our faith. The Making Sense Of series helps us interpret personal or world events and circumstances from a Biblical point of view in order to strengthen our faith, know God more and live life as an overcomer despite these circumstances.

If the Christian faith is about my personal relationship with God, why worship with other Christians?

Do you have many questions with regard to worship in church like: Does “worship” refer only to the singing of songs? What if I don’t like some songs, or don’t like to sing? What are the various parts of the worship service for? Is there a “most important” part of the service that I should not miss? If God is everywhere, why “go to church” to worship? Come and let us ask these questions together and“make sense of” the worship service of the church and grow as true worshippers that the Father is looking for (John 4:23).

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