We have an exciting lineup to keep you entertained throughout the day.
The event will close with our own choir leading us in a heartwarming session of caroling.

Singapore Broadway Harmonica Ensemble

Singapore Broadway Harmonica Ensemble will present a series of love songs with heartfelt and soulful tunes. Classic love songs across generations and cultures are reimagined and performed in a variety of harmonica playing styles and techniques. Let the melodic sounds of harmonica take you back to fond memories of bliss, love and happiness.

NUS Resonance

Formed in 2001, Resonance is the pioneer and premier collegiate a cappella group from NUS. Made up of people from diverse musical backgrounds bound by a common love for singing, the group sings just about anything — from contemporary pop and alternative rock, to swing and even the occasional techno tune. They clinched the top position in the local National A Cappella Championships, and have won A Cappella competitions in Korea and Taiwan.


Singapore-based percussion band with an Afro-Brazilian set-up commonly known as Samba. Incepted in 2007, Sambiesta specialises in fusing Afro-Brazilian percussion with modern funk, and drum and bass. Besides traditional Samba grooves, Sambiesta has created pop song mash-ups to make Samba music more accessible to everybody.

Grace Notes

Involved in the Singapore music scene for the last decade, Grace Notes is one of the leading music collective in string quartet, chamber music and orchestra performances locally. Formed by classically-trained musicians, it has evolved, improvised and ventured into new music genres of fusion, contemporary and light jazz music.

Daniel Chia & Miss Loh

Miss Lou (also known as Lou Peixin) is Singapore’s Glamour Vintage Songbird – a classic vintage vocalist and songwriter who blends old-school vocal stylings with modern sensibilities. Described as a reborn jazz soul, her songs are snapshots of 21st Century life told in the language of doo-wop, swing, and soul. She uses music as a vehicle to talk about things that matter – such as body confidence, the impact of social media on self-esteem, and independence – and strives to inspire others using written, spoken, and sung words.

Toa Payoh Methodist Church Choir

Our choir has been blessing us with melodic and beautiful renditions of well-loved hymns. Formed by volunteers who love music and singing, the X-strong ensemble has spent the last few months rehearsing to enchant us with their alluring voices. They will be sharing the warmth and joy of Christmas through familiar and celebrated Christmas carols.

Performance Schedule

Time Performer Item
4 - 4.30pm NUS Resonance Acapella
4.50 - 5.20pm Singapore Harmonica Ensemble Harmonica Instrumental
5.40 - 5.55pm 6.05 - 6.20pm Sambiesta Percussion
6.30 - 7pm Grace Notes String Instrumental
7.20 - 7.50pm Daniel Chia and Miss Loh Jazz Trio (saxophone, keyboard, and Miss Loh vocalist)
8.10 - 8.40pm TPMC Choir Christmas Carolling