Baptism & Membership

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Baptism:

1) What is Water Baptism?
Baptism is one of the sacraments appointed by Jesus Christ our Lord in the Gospel (Matthew 28:19-20). ‘Sacrament’ is an outward and visible sign of grace of which God shows his goodwill to us — working in us invisibly to stimulate, strengthen and confirm our faith in Him. Through water baptism we proclaim Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord and publicly pronounce our new birth as Christians. By water baptism, we are united with Christians in history and all over the world.

2) Why must I be baptised?
Baptism is one of the sacraments appointed by Jesus Christ our Lord in the Gospel. By going through baptism, we follow after Christ’s example (Matthew 3:13-17) and obey His command (Matthew 28:19-20) to do so.

3) What must I do before I can be baptised?
To be baptised, you must acknowledge that you are a sinner, believing that Jesus is the Son of God, that He had been crucified, died and rose from the grave to save men from their sins so that men can be reconciled again to God. You must also proclaim Jesus is the Lord of your life, have faith in Him, trusting that he will help us obey and love Him.

In TPMC, you would be required to attend all six sessions of the Step Up (Baptism Class) conducted by TPMC.

4) I was baptised as a Roman Catholic. Do I have to be baptised again?
Any Christian baptism carried out in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is recognized. It is not necessary to be baptised again (Ephesian 4.5). But a person may choose to rededicate his faith and commit himself to the community in Toa Payoh Methodist Church (TPMC).

5) What are the modes of Water Baptism?
In TPMC we baptise our candidates either by immersion or sprinkling.

6) I was baptised as a child but along life’s journey, I had deviated from my faith. I have come back to the Lord now. Can I be baptised again?
It is not necessary to be baptised again. However, you may choose to rededicate your faith and commit yourself to the community in TPMC.

About Infant/Child Baptism

1) What are the criteria for Infant/Child baptism?
Both parents must agree for the child/infant to be baptised, and one of them must be a Christian and a member of TPMC. If both parents are not Christians or if the child is a ward under the care of a guardian, the child must be supported by a sponsor who must be a Christian and a member of TPMC. The parent or sponsor must be committed to raise the child according to the Christian faith.

2) Do children have to attend baptism classes?
Children below 12 years and below do not need to attend baptism classes. However, parents (at least 1) have to attend a parents’ infant/child baptism briefing. Parental consent is required for youths below 16 years. Youths (age from 13 to 16) are required to attend all Six sessions of the Step Up (Baptism Class) conducted by TPMC.

3) How can I help my child prepare for baptism?
For those below 13, it is the parent’s responsibility to guide them in the faith. This will be discussed during the parents’ infant/child baptism briefing.

Church Membership

1) What are the prerequisites for membership?

  • Candidate must at least be 16 years old.
  • Must have been faithfully attending TPMC worship service.
  • Attend all six sessions of Step Up (Baptism & Membership Class).
  • A regular and integrated member of a TPMC Connect Group and/or actively serving in a Ministry in TPMC.

2) Why should I take up membership in a church?
The Christian faith is a faith to be practiced in a community of faith. The Christian life is a lifelong process of growth in Christ. The purpose of church membership is to enable us to be committed to a local church community where we journey with others in seeking and serving God and growing as disciples of Jesus Christ.

3) Can church membership at TPMC help my child secure a place in Methodist School?
As much as we also desire your child to be enrolled in our Methodist Schools, church membership in TPMC does not automatically secure a place for your child. It will only qualify your child for Phase 2B of the Primary school registration exercise.

4) What are my obligations to the church as a member?
Our membership vows include our commitment to the church community through our prayers, presence, gifts and service.

5) Do I automatically become a member of the church upon my baptism?
No, you have to apply to be received into membership.

6) Can I be baptized but not take up church membership?
Baptism is opened to all individuals who are committed and convicted to Jesus Christ. Unless there are important reasons, all above 16 years old are encouraged to follow through their baptism with a membership commitment, receiving the ritual of Confirmation.

7) If I have fulfilled all membership requirements but unable to be present on the day of membership reception, would I still be recorded as a member of the church?
The purpose of church membership is to enable the believer to be part of the faith community, hence we will receive you into membership on the next round of membership reception day when the congregation could welcome you in person as well as pray for you as a community.