Discipleship & Nurture

Journey on a learning trip
With God to guide the way
To develop your discipleship
To grow in Christ each day


The Discipleship and Nurture (D&N) Ministry looks into the growth and spiritual development of our members in ensuring that they grow to be true disciples of Jesus Christ, love each other, learn His word, live out God’s calling. It seeks to provide the growth through personal discipling, regular teachings, skills training and also opportunities for ministries.


  • The Library houses a variety of Christian media and resources made available to church members to borrow to supplement their learning and growth in Christ.

(Open every Sunday, except the 5th Sundays; 9.45am – 11.00am @ Room 03-07)

  • D&N runs periodic courses throughout the year. These courses are designed to help us learn and live the Word in our life.


Structured Curriculum to GO DEEP in your walk with Christ.

New Believer/ Pre-Believer Growing Disciple Mentoring Disciple
  • CGL Foundation Course
  • CGL Quarterly Meeting
  • Ministry specific training
  • ALPHA Pre-Marriage
  • ALPHA Pre-Marriage
  • Parenting with Confidence
  • Essential Parenting


Foundations & Commitment
Bible Study & Christian Living
Marriage & Family Life
Serving & Ministry

1. Step Up

(Baptism & Membership Course)

This 6-week session is for anyone who wants to step up to make a declaration of faith through baptism or step up in making a commitment to become a member of TPMC. Led by a facilitator, the sessions cover Christian living, theology as well as our Methodist and TPMC distinctives.

[Pre-requisite for Membership only – active and integrated member of a TPMC Connect Group]

Run Date Time Venue
Run 1 Mar 2 – Apr 6, 2019 (Saturdays) 10am – 12pm Hall 3 (03-03)
Run 2 Jul 10 – Aug 14, 2019 (Wednesdays) 8pm – 10pm Hall 3 (03-03)
Run 3 Oct 27 – Dec 1, 2019 (Sundays) 1pm – 3pm Hall 3 (03-03)

Registration: Information Counter


2. Inductive Bible Study Method

This core programme is a hands-on session that equips believers to study the Bible inductively for themselves on a regular basis. The session will provide believers with practical methods and skills to observe the scripture text, identify the main points in the text and make proper interpretation and relevant life application. The skills learnt can also be applied in our daily Bible reading and journaling.

Dates Time Venue
Feb 20 (Wednesdays) 7.30pm – 10.00pm Hall 2 (03-05)

Registration: Click Here

Closing Date: 17 February 2019


3. Precept Upon Precept (PUP)

This is an intensive Bible study series which includes daily homework of Bible reading, markings and reflection. Using the inductive Bible study method, participants will learn to study the Bible for themselves verse-by-verse, discuss application and learning, as well as glean insights from experts through video.

Acts Part 1

Luke’s second account records what happened after Jesus’ ascension to the Father. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, empowering the apostles to testify to the power of God in salvation and in living every day for the gospel. Learn how God spread the gospel through witnesses of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and from their examples, how you too can witness to others. Be encouraged by the results of faithful servants holding forth truth in a dark world.

Dates Time Venue
Mar 13 – May 29 (Wednesdays) 7.30pm – 10.00pm Hall 2 (03-05)

Cost: $19

Registration:Click Here

Closing Date: 13 February 2019


Acts Part 2

Observe Paul’s transformation from persecutor of the church to preacher. Join him on his journeys across the Roman world to proclaim the saving message of Jesus to Jews and Gentiles. Learn how to witness and how to live an authentic Christian life in all circumstances in the power of the Holy Spirit. Learn to be like Paul, to be bold in proclaiming the name of Jesus and to trust our sovereign Lord who strengthens us in all situations.

Dates Time Venue
Aug 24 – 19 Oct (Saturdays) 9am12pm Hall 2 (03-05)

Cost: $19

Registration: Click Here

Closing Date: 28 July 2019


4. Making Sense of …

We are faced with many personal life circumstances or world issues that seem to baffle us or make us question our faith. The Making Sense Of series helps us interpret personal or world events and circumstances from a Biblical point of view in order to strengthen our faith, know God more and live life as an overcomer despite these circumstances.

Faith and Science

We live in an age and society where scientific knowledge and method are often set at odds with the Christian faith and even the existence of God. The dilemma between Christian faith and science is a false one and the choice of one does not have to mean the rejection of the other. On the contrary, the Christian faith makes science meaningful and science can be a tool for discovering and appreciating the wonders of God even more.

If you are a Christ-follower, come and let us consider together how we may relate our Christian faith with science, and how we may dialogue with others who see the two as antithetical.

If you are not a Christ-follower yet, and would like to find out more about this topic, you are most welcome to join us and explore this for yourself.

Dates Time Venue
Apr 13 (Saturday) 10.00am – 12.00pm Hall 3 (03-03)

Registration: Click Here

Closing Date: 8 April 2019

Speaker: Ps Poh Zhi-Hui


5. Essential Parenting

The moment you have a child, you are a parent. We can learn how to parent God’s way and not the world’s way. Come learn and dialogue with experts in their field, parent-coaches, or other parents who have walked ahead and experienced God in their parenting journey.

Thriving Through Primary School

With Singapore’s seemingly stressful education system, many parents are anxious for their children. But have you considered that you are called to have a kingdom view and to disciple your children? Gain practical tips and advice from experts on how you can help yourselves and your children through Primary school. The session will touch on areas like the MOE curriculum, inculcating values, dealing with bullying, and advice on stress-free parenting in the area of education.

You will receive a free parenting resource, first come first serve while stocks last. This talk is also open to parents in the Toa Payoh community.

Dates Time Venue
May 25 (Saturday) 9.30am – 12.00pm Hall 3 (03-03)

Registration: Click Here

Closing Date: 18 May 2019


  • Mr Ng Teng Joo, MOE HQ, previously MOE Principal
  • Ms Angeline Chan, MOE Teacher
  • Mrs Roslyn Sim, MOE Teacher


6. Essential Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines are personal activities that we engage in to grow in faith, encounter God daily and live transformed lives. Spiritual disciplines brings us to intimacy and accountability in our faith walk and tunes our heart, mind, and spirit to that of the Father. Spiritual disciplines includes studying the Bible, prayer, solitude, fasting, giving to name a few. As the name suggests, it takes discipline. Learn the why, what and how of these essential spiritual disciplines to deepen your relationship with the Father.

Silence and Solitude

It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord… Let him sit alone in silence, for the Lord has laid it on him. (Lamentation 3:26, 28)

The spiritual practice of silence and solitude is neither about refraining from talking nor what you do in the silence. It is about cultivating the interior quiet that fosters a humble, open, available and listening posture. Come and explore the biblical teaching, purpose and fruits of practicing silence and solitude, and how you can integrate it into your daily routine.

Dates Time Venue
Sep 25 (Wednesday) 7.30pm – 10.00pm Hall 3 (03-03)

Registration: Click Here

Closing Date: 22 Sep 2019


  • Mr Alfred Quah, Director, One Path


Listening Prayer

Speak Lord, your servant is listening. (1 Samuel 11:10)

In most of our prayers, instead of echoing what Samuel practiced, we tell God. Often the question is not “Why can’t I hear God’s voice?” but “Why won’t I hear God’s voice?” At this workshop, you will learn how God reveals Himself to us, how to listen to God and cultivate spiritual discernment, as well as be aware of the filters and barriers to listening. As Dallas Willard puts it, “Our communion with God must be the context for our communications with God.”

Dates Time Venue
Oct 30 (Wednesday) 7.30pm – 10.00pm Hall 3 (03-03)

Registration: Click Here

Closing Date: 27 Oct 2019


  • Mr Alfred Quah, Director, One Path


7. ENCOUNTER Retreat

This full day retreat aims to equip participants in the area of contemplative prayer, to set aside time to be still, recharge and have a personal encounter with God through scripture and prayer. The retreat aims to help you prepare for Advent in a purposeful way, meditate on God’s grace in the year that has past, as well as to prepare for the coming year ahead. If you are also seeking direction for decisions, breakthrough in a personal struggle, or clarity in God’s call, take this opportunity to break away from the routine and busyness to dedicate time to commune with your Father.

Dates Time Venue
Nov 30 (Saturday) 9.00am – 5.00pm OMF and Singapore Botanic Gardens

Cost: $15

Registration: Click Here

Limited Group Size: 15 pax maximum, only for TPMC worshippers

Closing Date: 3 Nov 2019

Spiritual Director:

  • Mr Alfred Quah, Director, One Path


Please call the church office at 6259-8644 or e-mail Agnes at for more details.