Outreach & Social Concerns

The needy want assistance
The poor are our concern
God’s love brooks no resistance
There’s no-one He will spurn


The Outreach and Social Concern Ministry looks to the needs of the disadvantaged and underprivileged within the Church and in the community. The ministry seeks to express God’s love and concerns to the society. This is done through the implementation of several programmes.

1) Practical Helps

This programme provides practical helps to identified families in the community and to our own members as well. Practical assistance includes giving of food vouchers and providing transportation to church services.

2) Ukulele Fun

The Ukulele Fun courses are organized as an outreach platform to reach out to the community. Beginner and intermediate classes are conducted within the church premises. Courses are usually held twice a year, with jamming sessions held in between for fellowship and get-together sessions.

Please call the church office at 6259-8644 or e-mail for more details.