Young Adults

Life can feel like a battlefield
Exciting but tough too
With strength & love
From God our Shield
Together we’ll make it through


The Young Adults Ministry welcomes young people aged 25 to 39 to know Christ and make Him known in our generation.

We know the struggles that young adults can face to lead a godly and uncompromised life when everything around speaks to have them let down their guards. Peer pressure on campus, drive for success on the job, temptations in relationships and more. In this ministry, we share in the lives of young adults as we stand beside them to strengthen them in their walk with the Lord and pray with them as they seek guidance from the Scriptures in all they undertake.

In this ministry, we take part in raising up and edifying an army of faithful and willing warriors for the Lord! That they may know God’s love and that they may become loving ambassadors of the Most High on their campuses, on their jobs or wherever the Lord has placed them.

“…the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits”. Dan 11:32b

If you want to find out more about Young Adults, feel free to contact or call us at 6259-8644.