Youth Ministry


We’re young like you,
So take our hand and join us on a trip
Inside God’s awesome wonderland
With love and fellowship. 

Welcome to Youth Fusion! In Youth Fusion, you will EXPERIENCE 3Gs:

  1. Gleeful, vibrant, and dynamic group of young people who are always desiring MORE of God.
  2. God powerfully in His presence that goes beyond your imagination.
  3. Great fellowship through activities and games.

Encounter to Love

Based on Philippians 2:15, we want to raise up a young generation who are pure and blameless, taking Christ and His power into every school.

Love God, Love People, the YF Family.

Join us on this life-changing journey if you are between 13-24 years!


Meeting Schedule:
2.00 pm: Sanctuary ), Level 2: Sundays, except Holy Communion Sundays (Every first Sunday of the month) & Special Sundays.

If you want to find out more about YF, feel free to contact or call us at 6259-8644.

Alternatively, you can visit our YF Facebook Page at
or YF Instagram Page at