For the world (Climate change)

  • Pray for world leaders to find new, just and radical methods and agreement to protect our fragile environment.
  • Pray that Brazil will be able to extinguish the fire in the Amazon rainforest, with divine intervention.
  • Pray that we will re-examine ourselves and our lifestyle choices and make decisions that will help love and care for our world.

For Singapore (All who are involved in Education)

  • Pray that God will guide the policy makers in making wise decisions for our educational system.
  • Pray that God will bless our teachers with love, patience and wisdom to shape young lives.
  • Pray that right values be imparted to our children and youth through our educational system.

For Toa Payoh (Family Service Centres)

  • Pray that the Family Service Centres in Toa Payoh will continue to reach out and provide effective assistance to needy individuals and families.
  • Pray that our church will be able to come alongside these centres to bring help and wholeness to those in need.

For Individuals (Those taking examinations)

  • Pray that God will continue to keep these individuals in good health and guide them in their preparation for National Examinisations.
  • Pray for clarity of thought and competence as these individuals take the exams.
  • Pray for favourable results and God’s plan and purposes to be fulfilled in the lives of these individuals.