Pray for the World

  • For every Christian leader in every government to stand firm and function the way they should in God’s terms. May God be glorified through them.
  • For Christians who are persecuted in hostile countries and places. May the Power of God be demonstrated through them and His love manifested in a way that God will be glorified.
  • For Pastor Raymond Koh (abducted in Malaysia on 13 Feb 2017). May God uphold him and comfort his family in times of uncertainty and need.


Pray for Others

  • For people who are in need of care and support. Pray that as God opens the door for us to help, we would be sensitive and available to attend to their needs. Pray that we would have the resources we need to help them. May our ears be sensitive to hear God’s instructions and hearts be willing to obey so that our efforts may not go in vain.
  • For our community. May the Lord grant us wisdom in finding ways to reach out to our community and to build relationships with them. May we as a church be the beacon of light to our community in Toa Payoh.


Pray for Ourselves

  • May the Lord continue to supply us with spiritual wisdom and revelation in knowing God’s will in our lives. May we find peace, healing, comfort and experience every spiritual blessing that we have in Christ.
  • May the Lord strengthen our spirit that we may see God at work in our lives and His power manifested in love in each of us. May our love be demonstrated so that others will see God in us.