Prayer for the World

  • For Christians who are going through persecution in different parts of the world. May God’s comfort and protection be upon them.
  • Pray for the world leaders. As the Holy Spirit moves to the nations through the churches, may these leaders be receptive to the Gospel.

Prayer for our Community

  • For the disadvantage families and individuals who are going through difficult times. Pray that help will come from the churches for the glory of God.
  • Pray for all the Welfare Organizations operating in our community. As we partner with some of them in reaching out to the people, may the Lord grant us good working relationships and resources for the benefit of the people.

Prayer for our Church

  • For the ongoing renovation works. As the renovation comes close to its completion, may the upgrades and improvements open doors for more ministry opportunities.
  • For the upcoming Ministry Volunteer Recruitment Fair. Pray that many will sign up to serve.
  • Pray that as we join our hearts together this month to give our pledges, we will give with a generous and cheerful heart.

Prayer for Individuals

  • For those who are sick and broken, pray for healing and restoration.
  • For loved ones who are not Believers yet, may they come to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.