1. Our World: IS situation in the Middle East

a) Iraqi Christians to be able to return to their homelands to rebuild their homes and communities and they can co-exist peacefully with the Muslims in Iraq

b) God’s justice be done to capture ISIS soldiers and man’s perversion of justice be limited

c) Captured IS soldiers to come to repentance and be set free from deceit and stronghold of satan

2. Our Nation: Singapore Government

a) Wisdom to handle the diplomatic relations with Malaysia

b) Leaders with integrity and character to be raised for the coming election

3. Our Church: Church Redevelopment

a) Safety for the foreign workers who are involved in the church redevelopment

b) Contractor to be able to meet schedule and timeline and good communication and coordination with all parties involved

4. Ourselves: Encounter to love

a) Congregation members to experience God’s presence and power daily

b) To be good witness for Christ wherever He has placed us