The Word of God sustains and nourishes us to grow in Him. It gives us the food we need to deepen our faith and be more like Christ.

In this section you will find articles and helpful reading materials to help you better understand the Bible and apply it to your life. You will also be encouraged by other Christians sharing their experiences and how their lives have been touched by God.


We all strive to build a good career for ourselves because we need it to pay for the bills, support our families, and provide for the lifestyle we’re used to. There is nothing wrong in that because the Bible tells us not to be idle but to work hard with all our heart. However, it also adds on to say we are to do it unto God, not unto our human masters.

How then do we, as Christians, balance being career-minded and Christ-centred?

TPMC member Xu Wenshan explored this by speaking to some of our other members as they shared their experiences and some ideas for us to think about.